Pathway Yoga Rebrand


To create a new version of the brand that represents the joy and freedom that Iyengar Yoga can have in you life. The brand also needed a splash of colour to make the small business signage pop on a busy street.


Creation of signage, logo and brandguide on the branding team at Danger co.

The original brand


To get a pulse on the market, we looked at what other yoga studios were doing to advertise themselves. We saw many yoga poses and mandalas being used. Bright and happy colours are popular. From here, we had a better idea of what we would be aiming for.


We started the process by getting inspired by all sorts of brands and media that could spark ideas for the project.

Creating the logo

We looked at many different styles of logos and did multiple rounds of sketching to determine the right voice for Pathway Yoga. We explored many different versions and considered a lot of different vibes.

Colour rationale

We chose this colour pallette since these are common colours you'll find in India, which is where Iyengar Yoga was developed. They're warm, vibrant and create a happy tone for the new look n' feel.

Client presentation

We offered the clients three beautiful logos to choose from. The mandala style logo was the winner.

The Brand Guide

Original Signage