Rookery Treats


To create a brand that would fit MJ's personality so she would feel comfortable selling her product in Ottawa craft markets.


Creation of logo artwork while on the branding team at Danger Co.

Branding Process

Research Phase

As MJ's first big step is to host her own booth at a local confectionary convention, we explored different conventions to get a good idea of what to aim for. We saw a lot of high contrast signage with a range of corporate and personal branding.

Sketching Phase

Multiple rounds of sketching was done to illustrate the right logo for the brand.

Final Logo

Font Choice

Together, the following Google fonts present a good range of capabilities all while staying readable and affordable.


Entrepreneur solution

MJ being a one person business, needs packaging that is branded, readily available and won't break the bank. A stamp is the perfect solution for this dilemma.

Exhibit Design

Check out MJ's first show. The decor was kept limited but the extra touches like the wooden crates really set her apart from her competitors.